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Automatically designed

Hey SquareSpace, the 90's called and they want their "templates" back. automatically generates your website based on the type of site you need. You just need to tweak it further to your desired look.

IMO there's a right and wrong when it comes to how a website is layed out. If your site is to showcase your photography portfolio, it should do mainly that. If it's to sell products, then that should be it's goal. You don't have to think about UX (user experience), we got you covered.

Completly Free or $1.99 a month!

All para.sites are free, in fact, if you have a public facebook or Instagram page, you already have one!

Totally free to point your subdomain (CNAME) to your site, for example or share your address, for example! Our paid version allows you to customize your site's look as well as gives you the option to point a root level (A) domain to it. AKA can point right at your site.

Paid version is only $1.99 month, or $19 a year. No limitations on traffic. No limits on storage. no limits on anything!

Managed using Facebook or Instagram

Para.sites are generated, edited, and managed through facebbok or Instagram accounts. No duplication of efforts on your part in creating and editing content. Editing your facebook or Instagram page updates your, and editing your updates your facebook or Instagram page.